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Nakos Company specializes in the design of kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bedroom furniture, doors and any other wooden products required. In our show room there is a great display of flooring products and materials, in various colors and designs. Our staff can provide solutions and cater for your needs.

We combine in a unique way, the absolute aesthetic with the ultimate function. All our products are characterized by their modern lines, excellent finishing as well as superior quality. We design products based on the latest trends globally.

Colors, fabrics or raw materials are being renewed in order to fulfill every single need and taste. Whether you desire your place made from scratch or just renovated, Nakos Company can guarantee that heart made crafts based on quality materials will bring an air of renovation either to your house or to your business place.

As far as our company is concerned, changing furniture is something common, making a difference is something else. Therefore we are able to offer you products beyond the ordinary and conventional.  

Why choose us;

51 Years of Experience

Nakos Company has been running for 51 years in the domain of interior design.

Creative designers

Trust our design team and get the furniture of your dreams

Quality products

We provide to our customers high-quality certified products with guarantee.

Free Consultation

We provide free consultation for your project needs

Customer Support

Whenever you need support, you can contact us, we are always here for you

Happy Customers

With over 51 years of experience, we have over 4,500 satisfied customers.


Nakos Company has been running for 51 years in the domain of interior design. Therefore, by three generations of carpenters, it can be proud of half a century of experience. In 1966, the first workshop is established in the area and even with the means of that time, demanding projects are constructed. In 1975, the next generation entered the company and reinforced it.

Revolutionary machinery was bought in order to improve quality and the workshop moved into a new place. It was that time, the association with some of the strongest names in the Greek industry started and lasts till now. In 2000 a new era begins.

The third generation appears in the scene and makes great efforts to prove that it is equally capable of maintaining the high standards of productivity.

Five significant years follow, with innovative ideas, passion and dedication to the interior design. In 2005, the company makes a leap with the construction of new factory in the Industrial Area of the Prefecture of Kastoria. In 2007 the company moves into the new premises and the old machinery was replaced by new, state-of-the-art ones, adapted to the contemporary needs.

The dream of an industrial unit finally comes true. We are here, by your side, committed with a promise… to continue our passion for creation with the same determination and enthusiasm throughout the forthcoming years.


The Company owns state-of-the-at machinery and a highly specialized staff to operate them. Their great experience can guarantee the high quality and durability of every single product.


Qualified specialists are here to help you choose among a wide range of colors and materials. We visit your place, we note down every detail of it and assist you choose the best feasible ideas that not only suit your style but also your space and your budget.


The main philosophy of our Company is to create unique models with ergonomic design by the use of high quality materials. We hope to create pieces of furniture that depict your personality.


Our ultimate goal is our highly trained craft men work collectively with high quality products. Our main concern is the mutual collaboration with the customer on the project in order to achieve an excellent result beyond any expectation.


Our vision is to design and produce items by using eco friendly materials so as to equip your place with pieces in great harmony with the environment.


We are here, by your side, to guide and help you choose among a great variety of selections. We come to your place and take measurements. We design a 3D depiction of your piece of furniture and we present it to you in our fully equipped venue o live through web connection. After the live illustration and within the estimated time, our highly specialized staff come to you and set up your items.


Feel free to visit our factory and take advantage of the free of charge consulting service we provide, concerning the space, the materials and the cost of the indoor carpentry you want to construct or renovate.


Contact us, if you ever need our help. A member of our team will be at your side providing you with a quick solution to your problem.

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